Water is a very disruptive factor for humans. As the moon influences water, the impact has different intensity depending if it’s a full moon, a new moon, etc. Water can become an energy in motion or stagnant energy. Observing nature allows us to sense where there is water. Man feels the presence of underground water streams if he sleeps just above. Your sleep may be disturbed and you may develop all sorts of physical, psychological problems or otherwise.





A child who has nightmares, a baby who does not sleep through the night, who does not like their bed is worth listening to. It is important to care and try to provide the best place possible to sleep well. When a child experiences difficulty in school, they may be sleeping in a location that disrupts or if a problem occurs after the professor has changed their place in the class, their desk may just be located on a disruptive area.


Electromagnetic networks

Electromagnetic networks Hartmann and Curry cover the surface of the planet. The intersection of two such networks can create harmful situations dangerous to a human who stays there. These effects may cause some minor problems at first, followed eventually by serious illnesses. 


Entities (Ghost)

In the astral world, we find many things good or evil. Among certain elements that can cause disturbances include entities of the deceased, the wandering souls. These entities may find themselves in places or in the energetic bodies of people. Note that entities are mostly found in enclosed spaces (wardrobes, lockers, cabinets, walls, room corners, behind doors, etc…). These entities create much harm to people sensitive to these energies (children are much more sensitive than adults to this type of energy)


  • Does your child ever refuse to sleep in his room?
  • Does your child ever come to sleep in your bed because they are afraid of the gentleman or the old lady who is in their room ... because they are afraid ... because they can’t sleep?
  •  Does your child toss and turn in bed?
  • You lie your child down to sleep and after a while you find them lying at the foot of the bed or across in their bed?


Your child is right, most of the time...



Cosmo-Telluric Chimney

In a simple way, a cosmo-telluric chimney is a system of energy exchange between Earth and Heaven, and comes in the form of a vertical column. This column can have a height of up to several hundred meters into the ground and above the earth's surface. The diameter may vary from 10 centimeters to 6 meters. A chimney cosmo-telluric may have several branches, which start from the center and are always negative.   If located in a bedroom, it can disturb the sleep of people who are in its zone of influence. Sometime people can feel a presence of entity in the house but in fact it is only the effect of "breathing" of the chimney.


Finding water

We can use the Lecher Antenna to search of drinking water on land in order to dig a well. One can also determine the water quality and flow.