Energy is everywhere. We live in a society where everything has to be proven and must have the perfect answer... even if it is false.  We hear "if I can’t see it, it doesn’t exist."  Instead, we should be saying "it exists but we do not understand it" because the effects of energy on our lives are real.
Energy has always existed. In the past, how did dowsers  find water by holding only a tree branch in their hands? What is the phenomenon that allows the branch to react
if it’s not the energy released by underground water?


Energy is what allows us to feel the world. Every minute, every second we experience energy. Light is a form of energy, I see you. Sound is a form of energy, I hear you. I touch the ground; I feel the weight of gravity is a form of energy that attracts my body to the ground. I can smell because the odor molecules are vibrating, I touch objects, I perceive the world. All these sensations are energetic phenomena. It's not a mystery but simply the impact that these feelings have on our bodies, allowing us to know who we are, what we do and what happens around us.


Everything around us is vibrating. It is a principle that has been demonstrated by several physicists including Einstein. The universe around us constantly transmits and receives energy. Our body has an energy form other than its physical presence and material. Our body is like an antenna that tunes and vibrates at different frequencies and vibrations surrounding it. The energy floats and circulates around and within us through this energy grid. Everything is part of ALL.


Matter is only a particular type of energy. Matter doesn’t exist. Matter’s basis is energy. Therefore matter is energy.

We could say that matter is knitted of energy


Their effect on the mind and body reinforce and increase our vitality or weakens our health, our mood and our immune system. We must understand the importance of these vibrations in the environment where we live and work daily in order to have a better appreciation of our physical and psychological health.


If I emit negative vibrations, I create negativity in my life. However it is not what a person projects that is created, it is what the person lives deep within themselves, often ignored by a person since they are disconnected from reality. If I emit positive vibrations it is curious that I attract only the beautiful and the best. By sowing Love everywhere, I harvest Love everywhere, starting with you.


This energy vibration can be disrupted by various factors: Medias, bad breathing and bad food, alcohol, drugs, lack or excess of exercise, medications, vaccines, antibiotics, emotions, accidents, difficult situation and stressful events. In addition, family and ancestral history influences our behavior, our attitudes, our thoughts, our words and actions, which ensure that the same complaints or diseases or the same happiness and abundance are reflected in generations. Finally, everything that I give my power to consciously or not...