Harmonic Synergy

Harmonic Synergy is defined as an energetic approach to relational aid, intervention and interpretation of the energies of the human being and his environment. Frustration, dissatisfaction, emotions that lead us to develop discomfort, disease, injury or other accidents of all kinds are the results that we give consciously or unconsciously to situations, events, persons that we interact with.


The human being is made of energy which interacts with the physical body and its various functions. Without energy the world as we know it would not exist. (From the book Danuk , Les Éditions Harmoniques). Disease, discomfort, blockage and impediments of all kinds come from the disruption of this energy balance. Often illnesses start on an energetic level before they become physical. In our current system, there is very little prevention; people wait to be sick even living unsustainable situations before doing something. Illness is cared for because we treat only the symptoms and rarely do we address the cause. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could ensure that energy is always aligned and readily available, that a person is always at their maximum to cope with any possible assault from whatever surrounds you at every level? After a session of Harmonic Synergy, the individual is already better prepared to receive medical or other treatment which becomes much more efficient. 


Harmonic Synergy allows us to identify these disharmonies by reading your energy, their location, shape, identity and position and to re-align them with your physical body. With the evaluation of these results, the consultant can trace the origin of the problem and provide a sustainable solution for energy correction. Wellness is often immediate and as your body constantly regenerates naturally it is always possible to replace EVERYTHING using your energy. With energy, there is no time, space, the energy IS ... It is possible to return to any past experience and correct the energy at that time. The experience remains but the negative energy is transmuted into beneficial energy.


Harmonic Synergy gives the individual the power to choose and to be in harmony with itself and its environment.


The only person who can stop me from being well in all these areas is ME.


These treatments cannot in any case replace medical treatments however a person with an energetic dimension in perfect harmony and well centered with their physical body is more receptive and in control