In the word there is Geo (earth), bio (life) and logy (the study or knowledge). By definition Geobiology is the study of the earth and its energies and influences on the environment. There are energy circulations that are favorable and others unfavorable. Humans must live in the most favorable place possible. Indeed, where we sleep, live, work, has a crucial influence on our physical and mental health and a direct impact on our quality of life. With the Geobiology/Feng Shui, it is now possible to detect many of these negative influences on the human body and apply solutions.


In nature we can notice that some trees are in the right place on an energetic plan by watching their size and volume. Some other trees are inclined, curved or screwed because their location is unfavorable. Unlike trees humans have the ability to move.


Why is our sleep often disturbed? Why don’t I feel good in a particular room in my house? Why do trees grow slanted, while others, in the same area grow vertically? Why don’t some businesses have the desired traffic? Why are some homes always for sale? These are often related to novice energy from the earth. With the Lecher antenna it is possible to move or make corrections for some of these disturbances.


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"The health and welfare of human beings are closely tied to the land on which they live and emissions emanating from it. Once this has been clearly understood, a door will open on a healthier and happier live for all and diseases that threaten it, like the sword of Damocles, will fall. "      Dr. Ernst Hartmann