La Trame

La Trame refers to a kind of canvas, a tapestry or a quantum grid that sets the organization of the cells of our body. This is the body’s master plan required to ensure your body functions properly. It is composed of billions of cells and knitted energy that consists of matter, and dictates to each cell what is its place and its function.
How come cells that form the liver don’t mix with those that form the bones? Or why does all of this stays in place? If you take a cell from your body and feed it, it lives just fine without you; so why does it stay? Why don’t we decompose while we are alive? And what makes that one day we die, and our body decomposes?


The body is a Universe by itself ...


La Trame is a vibratory technique that puts back the body’s schema as it should be, based on the body’s initial schema before the appearance of pathologies. It is recommended for all kinds of physical, psychological or emotional illnesses. La Trame allows the body to restore itself to its body’s initial circulation schema in its entirety.
The information or energy flows like an undulation (wave) or in a sinusoidal manner. If you shake a carpet, you'll notice
the movement creates a wave-like motion we call a sinusoid.  Information travels the same way in our body. A rock obstructing the undulation of the carpet acts in the same way a disturbance (emotion, pain, a sickness, being frightened, trauma, etc.) does and obstructs the information of your body as well as the energy on the body’s schema.



The goal of La Trame is:

  • Remove the stone that obstructs
  • Allow the disturbance to disappear
  • Release of the surplus of emotions
  • Begin to restore the body’s balance
  • Give people an improved quality of life