What is Harmonic Synergy care? My job is to do the reading, the interpretation and the correction of your energies. The interpretation of these gives a clear idea of the fundamental values of the person. What are the emotions that relate to blockings and disruptions in your life? In all cases, the person recognizes or rather feels understood by someone else. This first meeting builds a good energy foundation.




Harmonic Synergy allows me to look beyond the physical to read and identify energy systems that are the cause of problems experienced by the person consulting. Trauma, emotional stress, mental and environmental, our false beliefs, our physical distress and other blockages are housed in our energetic fields and memory. This has the effect of preventing us from enjoying our full potential. That is why it is important to identify and correct blockings and emotions before they manifest themselves in pain or disturbances in the physical body. Energy flux blocked or disturbed can make us sick or create blockages that prevent us from really enjoying life to the fullest.




The use of the Lecher Antenna allows me to measure these energies, assess client's energetic health and environment and make the necessary corrections so that the person gets back their well-being and full potential. Everything happens in a calm and harmonious manner.  The person is sitting comfortably during the treatment with no physical contact and I simply leaves the antenna do its work. I invite you to share your feelings and impressions, which allows me to better direct the care and answer your questions.




Some people feel the benefits immediately during the treatment while others will incorporate changes within days and can be spread over a one month period. It is not unusual for some people to be in an emotional state the day after a session. The changes and benefits experienced are always for the better.




Distance Healing


When it is not possible to meet in person, a care can be given from a distance. Given that in energy there is neither space nor time nor distance, it is possible to work without a person being physically present. The results and benefits are the same.  The person simply needs to provide a picture of themselves.


"Learning to welcome me and welcome change in my life, it's opening me to a new and better life."