The new technique of La Trame is gentle and very relaxing. It consists of a sequence of 16 specific hand positions on the person who is lying on their back on a massage table. The person keeps their clothes. These 16 gestures activate the body’s vibrations and allows obstructions to be evacuated. There is no psychological interpretation, psychoanalytic or any medical diagnosis.


A care lasts 45 to 60 minutes and it takes three to six weeks between each treatment to allow the body to assimilate the new changes. People who have received at least 4 treatments have seen their emotional or physical conditions improved in a very significant way (see Statistics section)

The technique of La Trame helps eliminate physical, psychological, emotional and relational disorders. It can improve the concentration of children struggling with deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity (ADHD). It is also common to see a rapid improvement in the quality of life of people with depression. La Trame can also improve the side effects and quality of life for people struggling with chemotherapy or radiation treatments.


Physical benefits noticed:

  • Reduction of pain
  • Calming of tensions
  • Increased energy
  • Can possibly stabilize a person’s state
  • Body alignment brings better physical balance
  • Reduction in estimated length of recover


Psychological benefits noticed:

  • Release of pent-up emotions
  • Reduction of stress and anxiety
  • Helps us to take a step back facing certain situations
  • Eases depression and anguish
  • Greater ability to manage crisis 


Customer feedbacks:

  • It brought me a total well-being much more than before
  • La Trame taught me who I am
  • I begin to think about myself and I realized that I worth it
  • La Trame is something positive in my life
  • Since the beginning of care sessions I am more relaxed
  • I can make decisions more easily
  • My energy is better. I feel stronger, emotionally and physically
  • My big pains have disappeared
  • It made me aware of my body and my behavior
  • I am more stable, more organized, more grounded
  • La Trame allowed me to choose me. I feel real